How To Guarantee That Your Home Sells For The Lowest Price Possible

palm springs cluttered homes don't sell

This is a real picture of a real garage attached to a home that is currently listed for sale on the Desert Area MLS. It was listed at a below market price, for obvious reasons. My buyers made an even lower offer and it was accepted.

Unfortunately, because of all the clutter, throughout the house and yard–in addition to the garage–the home inspector wasn’t able to inspect everything that needed inspecting and my buyers got cold feet, cancelled escrow and walked away.

If the seller had de-cluttered the home before putting it on the market it would have sold for top dollar. The home is in a great neighborhood with very little inventory and huge demand.

This home was a bit of an extreme, but to be honest, the majority of sellers I meet with have cluttered homes and have little or no interest in cleaning and de-cluttering them to help them sell. That’s fine, if you don’t mind selling it for the lowest price possible. But, if you are looking to get top dollar for your home, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

Here’s my simple and easy tip to get top dollar. If you are serious about selling and moving then pack all the clutter now. And throw away all the true “junk” that you are not planning to take with you. Don’t wait until the home sells to do this.

If this garage had been neatly packed from floor to ceiling with moving boxes full of the owner’s stuff, it wouldn’t have been an eye sore and a huge red flag to buyers and the seller could have asked a much higher price and the home would have easily sold in a few weeks. In its current state, it’s likely to be on the market for months or even years.

Contact me if you are serious about selling your home and I’ll be happy to tell you what it’s worth before and after the decluttering.

Please contact me today, at the number listed above, to make an appointment to see any home or condo currently listed for sale in the city of Palm Springs.