It’s A Wonderful Life In Palm Springs

frank capra headstone in coachella valley cemetery

A while back, I wrote about the actors, writers, producers and others who were involved in the making of The Wizard of Oz movie and how many of them lived in Palm Springs.

With Christmas just around the corner, another equally iconic movie classic comes to mind.  It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time and like The Wizard of Oz, many of the people involved in the making of this film, also lived in Palm Springs.

The director of It’s a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra, was a Palm Springs area resident for many years and even owned a restaurant here, in his later years. He is buried at The Coachella Valley Public Cemetery, in Indio, about 30 miles from the city of Palm Springs. (See my photo of Capra’s headstone above.)

One of the stars of the film, Donna Reed, lived for many years at 1184 Camino Mirasol North, in the Old Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs.

Bob Anderson, who played Little George, lived at 540 North Lujo Circle in Central Palm Springs.

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