Palm Springs Well In The Desert Gives Shelter To The Homeless

well-in-the-desert-homeless-shelter-palm-springsPalm Springs is known for its abundance of second homes, vacation homes and weekend homes. The majority of us who live here full or part time are blessed in so many ways, and we, for the most part, know it and appreciate having so much. Not everyone living in our desert resort paradise, however, is as fortunate.

For a varied of reasons, many of our citizens find themselves without a home. The Well In The Desert is our Palm Springs homeless shelter and it provides daily hot meals, emergency food assistance, weekly supplemental food distribution, and access to community services to those affected by poverty, including the working poor, the homeless, seniors, the handicapped and others in need throughout the west end of the Coachella Valley. The Well has been serving this population for more than 15 years.

Here in the desert, summer is the most difficult time for the homeless and for The Well. Donations dry up when they are needed most.  Visit to learn more and to donate or volunteer.