The Many Gates Of Mountain Gate Palm Springs

One of the reasons Mountain Gate is such a desirable neighborhood to live in is because of the variety and diversity of homes.

While this is a gated neighborhood of tract homes, no two homes are alike. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about Mountain Gate, Palm Springs, which is extremely unusual for a planned community.

A big part of the credit for this goes to the Century Vintage Architectural Committee. Unlike many very restrictive gated communities, our committee’s flexibility has allowed owners to customize and personalize their residences in some very creative and beautiful ways that enhance the quality of life here, not to mention property values.

Residents here express themselves in many ways, but I enjoy the creative use of gates, most of all. Pictured here are just a few of my favorites. From top to bottom, the photos were taken on Mission Peak, Summit, Alta Ridge, Vista Verde, Mira Luna and Palmas Ridge.

If you’re creatively challenged, but love gates, then you probably bought one of the Bella models that already come with beautiful gates. They’re worthy of a future post devoted just to them.