7 Things I Love About The Wind In Palm Springs, California

I live in the north end of Palm Springs so, the comment I hear most often, as a resident and as a Realtor, is how can you stand the wind? To be honest, I’ve always preferred it to the south end of Palm Springs. Here’s why.

1. It keeps the flies and other bugs away (you don’t appreciate it until the wind dies down and the flies become your new best friends).

2. It keeps the pool cool in the summer. (My friends in South Palm Springs aren’t able to use their pool in the summer because it gets too warm.)

3. It makes the 120-degree heat a little more bearable in the summer.

4. It blows any smog coming through the pass down valley.

5. It saves me lots of money on a personal trainer. (When the wind blows my mail or hat down the street I get a great workout chasing them down.)

6. Since at least half of all home buyers would not consider buying in a windier area, home prices are much more affordable. You truly get a lot more for your money in the north end of the city.

7. Most of all I love the beautiful windmills that wouldn’t be here if we didn’t get a little wind, every now and then.

While these reasons are a little tongue in cheek, for me, at least, the pros of living in a windier area far out weigh the cons.