What’s On Your MUST-HAVE List?

I held an Open House last Wednesday, at the Villa Riviera condos on Ramon, near the corner of Sunrise Way.  A house hunter happened to be driving by, saw my signs and flags and stopped in. He told me that he’s decided to sell his large house, here in the Palm Springs area, and downsize to a condo. I asked him what was on his wish list and what was on his must-have list.

He wasn’t your typical buyer. He knew exactly what he had to have – a one-story, single level condo with a garage (not a carport), a closed-in patio or atrium for his two small dogs, a Central Palm Springs location, or adjacent (on or near Sunrise Way), and within a couple of blocks of a grocery store. Oh, and it had to be on fee simple land (not Indian Lease Land) for under $400,000. These were his only must-haves.

Well, Villa Riviera offered everything except the garage and is priced in the mid $200,00s. But, fortunately, right next door is the Firebird condo development, that’s nearly identical to Villa Riviera, but they’ve recently turned their carports into garages. Not far from Villa Riviera, near Sunrise and Alejo, is option number three. There are currently two Greenhouse East condos that have been recently converted from Lease to Fee land. Not only do they have everything on his must-have list, but many things on his wish list, as well. Option number four is further North on Sunrise. In fact, it’s next door to the Stater Brothers market at the corner of Vista Chino. It also happens to be across the street from his gym. The development is Sagewood condos. One of the available listings is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, bank owned property, overlooking the community pool, listed at $150,000. The hard part will be choosing between all of these amazing options, all selling at bargain prices.

What’s on your must-have list?