Central And South Palm Springs Midcentury Modern Condos – Where You Own The Land

villa riviera midcentury modern palm springs pool
villa riviera midcentury modern condos palm springs
villa riviera midcentury modern palm springs
The comment I hear the most from buyers is “I want a midcentury modern condo in an area with no wind and I don’t want to be on Indian Lease Land.”

Since most of the Midcentury modern condos in Central and South Palm Springs are on Lease Land, I put together this list of the few that are on Fee Land (you own it.)

CENTRAL Palm Springs Midcentury condos on Fee Land:

Desert Lanai 1, 2, 3 & 4 (1962-Fee Land)
Merito Manor (1961-Fee Land)
Pompei De Los Palmas (1966-Fee Land)
Villa De Las Palmas (1968, Fee Land)
Villa Hermosa (1940s-renovated in 2003)

SOUTH Palm Springs Midcentury condos on Fee Land:

Coco Cabana (1959 -Fee Land)
Firebird (1964-Fee Land)
Garden Villas East and West (1964-66-Fee Land)
Ocotillo Lodge (1956-Fee Land)
Royal Hawaiian (1961-Fee Land)
Villa Riviera (1967, Fee Land, pictured above)
Villa Roma (1966-Fee Land)

If you’d like to see available listings in any of these developments, please give me a call. I’d love to show them to you. But hurry, well priced Midcentury condos on fee land don’t last long.