A Day Trip From Palm Springs To Landers

I’ve spent most of my life here in the desert, but I had never been to Landers, until today. Landers is a little over 40 miles north of Palm Springs, just past Pioneertown (I hate to admit that I’ve never been there either), in the Mojave Desert.

Landers is only famous for three things, the 1992 7.3 earthquake, the Giant Rock, where UFO enthusiasts have gathered since the 1950s, and the Integratron, which was built by the father of the UFO enthusiasts, George Van Tassel.

My friend Georgene, joined me today on a long-overdue daytrip outside of Palm Springs. I can’t speak for Georgene, but I’ve never seen a UFO, unless you count the time, about three years ago when they filmed Mission Impossible 3 at night, just over the back fence, here at Mountain Gate, and the entire community thought that Aliens were invading. Other than that, today was as close as I’ve gotten. We spent the day at the Rock and the Integratron, and it truly was an out of this world experience. We kept an open mind and even sprung for the “Sound Bath,” which doesn’t involve soap or water.

If you’re curious about what’s out there, beyond the Palm Springs city limits, visit http://www.ingtegratron.com/ to find out more. The Giant Rock is about 3.5 miles from the Integratron, on a bumpy dirt road, and it’s the next best thing to being on the moon.