Explore Palm Springs Urban Trails And Bikeways

If you prefer to explore and sightsee along miles of urban walking, hiking and biking trails in and around Palm Springs desert area, you can download the Coachella Valley Urban Trails and Bikeways Map at www.cvcta.org.  The Urban Trails and Bikeways Map was produced through the collaborative efforts of the Riverside County Department of Public health, Livable Communities Program and the Epidemiology and Program Evaluation Branch, The Desert Bicycle Club, the Desert Riders and the Coachella Valley Community Trails Alliance (CVCTA).  The CVCTA is a non-profit community organization representing the public’s interest for building urban trails and bicycle pathways for healthy communities, safe alternative transportation routes, and recreational enjoyment. The goal is to create a  car-free trail system from Palm Springs to the Salton Sea. For more information, visit www.cvcta.org.