Mountain Gate Palm Springs Is Ready For It’s Close Up

mountain gate palm springs calif sign
A couple of years ago,  Mountain Gate entry sign made it’s debut in a drive-by during a scene in the short-lived TV show, Hidden Palms. This just happens to be the neighborhood where I live.

A year or so before that, Mission Impossible III was filmed just outside our walls, among the windmill farms, right behind our development. Night shooting went on for weeks and I remember watching as helicopters flew over the neighborhood in persuit of Tom Cruise.

Just last week, Sean Penn’s award-winning movie, Into The Wild started airing on cable TV. It was partially filmed in and around the Palm Springs area and is a must see. One scene is filmed with the windmills as a backdrop, while another scene was shot inside of a Tramway car as Hal Holbrook and Emile Hirsch ascend to the top of the mountain.

These are just a few recent films that have been shot within view of our homes. At times, living in Mountain Gate seems a bit like living on a Hollywood backlot. And, while we may only be extras on the big screen, I still give our neighborhood two thumbs way up!

If you live in a neighborhood that’s been used in the movies or on TV, please share your stories. The fact is, nearly every neighborhood in Palm Springs has appeared on screen at one time or another.